This blog was originally about my personal interests in model railways but has developed into a website to cover the activities of the


We are a small club with a big heart.

We believe in club’s such as ours playing a full part in community life and thus encouraging a positive attitude of the club and the model railway hobby in general.

A club’s greatest asset is its members. Ours have  knowledge, interest and skill in a wide range of scales and prototypes, covering O, OO, HO, & N; British, German, American, Japanese; standard, narrow gauge and tramways. We appreciate all branches of the hobby to the exclusion of none.

We won’t say this is the greatest model railway club website, but we don’t have adverts, are continually adding to its content and keeping it up to date on club activities. So don’t just dip into it, give it a good look over-see the contents on the right. Put it on your favourites and keep on coming back. We also have a Google+ page for the club and  separate Google+ pages for various layouts and this sites web owner has a prescence on Twitter.

If you are local, that is in  East Hampshire, South-West corner of  Surrey and North-West corner of West Sussex in an area bounded by Bordon, Petersfield, Midhurst, Petworth,  Haslemere and Grayshott you’re pretty well in our  catchment area. If you would like to come along and see what we are like, you would be made very welcome.

Liphook is lucky to have two clubs involved in practical railway based  hobbies – ours and Liphook Modellers.  Sometimes there is confusion in the public mind between what the two clubs are about. We are, as it says on the tin, a model railway club.  Liphook Modellers  are involved mainly in model engineering, who during the summer operate the miniature railway at the Hollycombe Steam Collection.


 As a club we would like to grow a little- we currently have 14 members.

If you live locally & are interested in the hobby of model railways, we believe you could gain much by being a part of our club.

Please contact us for more info. We can arrange for you to come along to a couple of our regular meetings at no charge. Have a chat with us when we are exhibiting at local or regional model railway exhibitions.

We look forward to hearing from you.


One of our members, who is also a Liphook U3A member,is  launching,  a new Liphook U3A group- Transport Interests.  The group will cover  all the major forms of transport, including railways, buses, coaches, trams, military vehicles, aircraft, ships etc .

Monthly Meetings are envisaged with speakers on subjects connected with transport and visits to places of transport interest. Also the group may attend meetings of other local transport orientated societies. There may be a newsletter- 3 or 4 issues a year

Please follow the link to Liphook U3A & under groups -“Transport Interests” for further information. There is a special e-mail address for those wishing to express an interest or requesting further info.

The group will be formally launched at LIPHOOK U3A’s Open Day on 14th March 2016. They need a minimum of 8 members to make it worthwhile. If sufficient interest is shown, meetings would start in September 2016 

Membership of the new group will be restricted to paid up members of Liphook U3A  (currently £12 per annum) & certain other local U3A’s. A separate group annual fee will also be payable  to fund meeting room hire & external speakers, plus any entrance charges for arranged visits to plces of interest.



14th February 2016   MIDHURST MODELLERS SHOW                                                                         The Grange Leisure Centre, Bepton Road, Midhurst

We shall be there with two members layouts- see 10th February post for details 


The site is not owned or managed by the Liphook & District Model Railway Club, but by a long standing member, Tony Bettger  Any views expressed should not be assumed to be those of the club committee, who have no control of the content.